Dec. 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Today was a bitterly cold day.  -23c but felt closer to -30c.
It was however, a very sunny day with gorgeous blue skies.  
Blinding to drive.  

I started my day off, as always, around 7:30 am with coffee :)

We spent the morning making gingerbread cookies and decorating them. 
 Laurence got home at 11:30 and joined us:

Laurence and I went out to the mall to get a last few things we needed - and we picked up some logs for the fire.  Once home we watched some tv...Laurence slept after wrapping his gifts.

Susannah and I made orange and clove pomanders - which smell lovely :)

We had the fire going and toasted crumpets over it - which reminded us of camping this summer :)

I LOVE having a real fire.  I thought it would be a hassle, but it's just lovely and so cozy :)  

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!!


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