Feb. 13, 2013

Pancake time :)

Once Abby and Sam got home from their Dads last night, we made our pancakes!  I had already prepped the batter so we were ready to go!  

My new Epicure pans are INCREDIBLE!  These were the best pancakes I had ever made and I swear it is because of the quality of the pans I used!  

Everyone got to flip/ toss their own pancakes and it was so much fun - we had bananas, syrup, lemon and sugar, jam, nutella......so they could pick what filling they wanted!  Susannah always has lemon and sugar :)  

Perfectly flipped pancakes and everyone enjoyed them!

I love our traditions and the fun we have.

More memories made :)  

Fun hanging out at KQ

Abby had a 'hanging out' date with her penpal/ friend H yesterday - I am told that Abby is now too old for playdates lol and so we are calling them hanging out dates hahahaha :)  

We went to Kidz Quarterz for the afternoon and they had a lot of fun!  H is such a lovely, friendly girl and she gave Abigail a beautiful gift of some bedding she had made for Abigails doll!  A beautiful pillow, a heart shaped cushion and a pretty bed sheet!  

So lovely!  

Pancake day fun :)

Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday - pancake day!!

Susannah and Laurence both had pancakes at school!

We started our day off at gymnastics - 

After gymnastics we headed over to Broadmoor Lake ready for some Pancake Day FUN!!  I wanted to have my children experience a pancake race - something I remember from MY childhood in England!   So I had mentioned it to the homeschool group and invited people to join us at mid day to take part with us!  It was soooo much fun - everyone brought frying pans and pancakes - the children went first with their races....sooooo fun!!!  

Then it was time for us Moms to race!  Oh my goodness - soooo not easy to run AND flip at the same time!  But we were laughing and joking as we ran!  J was the champion runner this year :)  I came in 3rd place!

pancake tennis took place:

And the kids enjoyed time on the ice:

What a fun time - memories were definitely made :)  


On Monday we had a crafty morning at home - the children made Valentines and Sam put the Chinese New Year candy in a heart bowl.  In the afternoon Abigail had French class, and while she was there we went to my friend D's house - Sam played with her boys while we chatted over tea.  It was a lovely afternoon!  

After French we headed out to pick Susannah up from her bus, and while we waited, we watched three deer crossing the road ahead of us.  

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