Mar. 3, 2013

The Magic Treehouse

Every night for the last few weeks, Sam and I have set off on an adventure with Jack and Annie - up into the old treehouse, and off into the lands of old times.  We meet dinosaurs and Knights, Mummies and pirates and crocodiles....we are discovering the great stories within The Magic Treehouse series of books.  Most of them come with Fact Trackers too - a separate book with non fiction information about the things Jack and Annie find.  

The books are linked to a website where Sam can join in with more adventures and games.  

We read several chapters a night and often Sam will ask me to keep reading.  

We're really enjoying this series!!!


Laurence was bored on Friday night.  The house was quiet as Sam and Abby were at their Dads house - Susannah had two friends staying over but they had gone to the movies, and I was resting upstairs and reading.  So he took over the kitchen and did some baking.  

He baked some chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate chip cookie base - and then he frosted them with an orange flavoured frosting and sprinkled with a few sugar pearls.  



Spending a lot of time lately waiting - in waiting rooms, for appointments, for results....
I've seen parts of me I never thought I'd see lol....

Life at our place lately...

Coffee in my gorgeous Truth Teller mug - that Abby chose for my birthday.

Abigail has been busy making stop motion animations and taking photographs of her doll

I finished the face I was working - one of the last two for the 29 Faces challenge:

Funny girls:

It has been warm enough to sit out on the porch with coffee several mornings:

I've been going through old photographs and feeling the need to journal them more:

Sunny and warm enough for the children to play outside:

My cuddly little boy:

Resting and reading - the new book club I have joined is reading this book and so I am trying to get through it before we meet up to discuss it!

Another month ends and another month is filled with memories on my Project 365 app:

Went to see two movies recently.  Safe Haven and Warm Bodies.  Warm Bodies was a cute movie - much better than Safe Haven lol!  Although the book of Safe Haven was very god.

My last face for the 29 Faces Challenge:

We prepped for a snow storm and ended up only getting a dusting lol. 
 Still, better to be ready just in case:

Lily cuddled in to Abby:

My life....this is me.

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