Mar. 7, 2013

Friday Fill-ins... we go!

1. Life is good.

2. It turned chilly and then a little snow fell.

3. I knew it was love when I walked out of the vets carrying her ashes, and immediately broke down in floods of tears, heartbroken.

4. I love Alberta's sunshine and blue skies.

5. A little nap is wonderful except I always wake up grouchy.

6. roast potatoes and vegetables with gravy are one of my favorite things to eat for dinner.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to getting the last few preparations done for Abigails birthday party, tomorrow my plans include celebrating a belated birthday for Abigail with some of her friends and Sunday, I want to relax, go to the library and for a walk with Rosie!

Marble runs and fish tanks...

We had a quiet at-home day today after our busy few days - Sam and Abby played with a pool noodle that I had cut in half and turned into a marble run.  They had races and tried different ways of using it and aiming the marbles into cups etc etc.....

Sam decided to build with marshmallows again too.  
He said he had built an old fashioned clocktower:

These two are STILL obsessed with the fish even three days after they arrived.  It's so funny - especially the way Rosie just sits and watched them and drools lol:

Home sweet home....

We stopped in at CrossIron Mills Mall on the way home yesterday - had a stroll round and something to eat...Laurence did some shopping at his favourite store there....Susannah looked a the Ukeleles but couldn't decide - so we will go back another day.  

Telus Spark...

We filled up the rest of our day in Calgary with a visit to the science centre - Telus Spark.
This was our second visit, but Laurence's first :)

They had an exhibition on movie monsters and how movie animations are done using animals and costumes:

Susannah performed stress tests on me and Laurence:

One of the staff members worked for ages with Sam to build a stand-alone building with just sticks and elastic bands.  Sam really enjoyed it!!

He also loved the 'take apart' table.  This definitely gave me ideas for things to do at home:

College interview....

So Laurence had his interview yesterday at SAIT.   He says it went well but that there are 5 applicants for every 1 space in the course - so we just have to hope he is one of the chosen ones!
He will find out by the end of March.  

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